7 Ways to Make the Most out of your Morning Commute

Prepare for your day or learn a new skill on your drive to work

Founder lessons from Acceleprise SF

This past fall my cofounders and I had the privilege of joining the 5th cohort of Acceleprise San Francisco, working alongside a variety of amazing companies and the minds that created them. After having some time to reflect, I wanted to share some of the most important lessons I took away from the experience.

How to Spot Your Next Great Hire

You’ve heard of these traits before but it’s time you start taking them to heart. During my talk with Dakota Younger, an expert on recruiting great talent and CEO of Boon. Boon is a game changing platform for finding and hiring the best talent. During our talk, Dakota identifies a fews traits he keeps in mind while looking for talent.

Start Leveraging Your Referral Program

Are your employees aware that you have a referral program? If the answer is "yes," great! If not, then it is time to start leveraging your referral program.

How to Design a Referral Bonus System That Works

Without the proper motivation and ongoing communication your employees won’t be interested in sending referrals, dooming your referral program to a life of mediocrity.But properly incentivized, your employees become your biggest advocates, referring talented candidates and ensuring the success of your referral program.

8 Must-Knows for Navigating Any ATS

Ah, the dreaded ATS. Candidate sourcing powerhouse, recruitment trend analyzer, reporting and analytics warehouse – no matter how this behemoth tool was sold to the powers that be, you’re stuck with it.

How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Recruiting

With the increasing demand for technical talent, it’s no surprise that the recruiting arms race continues to push companies to create new ways of attracting the very best people… One of the newest weapons in the arsenal in machine learning.

How chatbots can help your company hire the right person

By merging artificial intelligence with everyday human interactions, conversational commerce acts as a mobile concierge, allowing users to communicate with businesses and services in a way that is convenient, consolidated, personalized, and realistic.

Deskless occupations are primed for new recruiting solutions

Recruiting software solutions have almost universally focused on software developers and tech-industry workers. This trend is part of much larger story-arc in enterprise applications. “Deskless workers have so far been neglected by the many recent improvements in enterprise applications” says Joseph Floyd in his article Why 2017 will be the year of the industry cloud. And he’s right.

If You Think the Job Hunt Sucks, Try Recruiting…

I used to head up recruiting and PR for FutureAdvisor, a fast-growing investment advisor managing hundreds of millions in investments from our offices in San Francisco. Their revenue and assets under management have both grown by 18 times in the last year, which isn’t bad even by Silicon Valley standards, and their staff has more than doubled. In my time there, I saw thousands of job applications, and threw thousands away.