Start Leveraging Your Referral Program

Start Leveraging Your Referral Program

Are your employees aware that you have a referral program? If the answer is "yes," great! If not, then it is time to start leveraging your referral program. Don't make the mistake that other businesses do by not adopting and engaging with their existing network. Think about your current recruiting process and ask yourself, "Am I using a manual process that is time consuming and labor intensive?"

Don't continue to spend time and money, on a broken system. Boon enhances your recruiting process  in favor of a method that's quick, easy, and automated. Designed with simplicity in mind, so it's painless for employees to send referrals.

With Boon's proprietary technology,  employee's social networks sync  to open job listings, matching  their contacts and making proactive referral recommendations. It's never been more simple and easy to engage your employees and earn high quality referrals.

How to Conquer Common Pitfalls

When it comes to referral programs, businesses often face common challenges which include low applicant volume, poor quality of applicants, and high turnover rates.Here at  Boon, our aim is to streamline  a recruiter's daily workflow, so you can concentrate on what matters most.

Allow your employees to recommend top talent from their personal network, and get a leg up on the competition! Boon has a transparent communication system that instantly informs all parties as to the status of an applicant. We know things can slip through the cracks, which is why we've built Boon to automatically update your referee as candidates move through the hiring process. We aim to provide overall transparency without disclosing sensitive information.

Ditch workflows that require managing complex systems out of a spreadsheet and integrate Boon with your email inbox to upgrade your hiring processes.

Not only does recruiting come with expensive hiring costs, it's also very time consuming. With Boon's intuitive interface, we see hiring times increase at 2x the rate.  In addition, expenses per hire are cut by up to  85% and top notch referral hires increase by 60%. These significant results will make remarkable changes to your business' profitability.

While the pitfalls of recruiting are relatable, we've made innovative adjustments so your company can benefit from seamless technologies. What are you waiting for? It's time to get some referrals and start saving money!

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