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500 Startups Batch 20 Announcement

“An AI-powered referral recruiting network that helps companies hire talent in their employees’ social networks”.

This Recruiting Site Will Pay You $4.500
For A Referral

“If you’ve never heard of Boon, you probably will soon”. Boon has already grown exponentially on word of mouth alone.”

Let Your Network Earn You
Money With Boon

“Disrupting the $400 billion recruiting industry, one referral at a time.”

Culver City's Boon allows anyone to nab that referral bonus

"Boon not only helps job-seekers cut time out of the application process, it also helps companies put meaning behind the referral."

Boon Is Revolutionizing The Job Search
And Recruiting Process

“Disrupting the recruiting industry as the ”Uber”
for tech recruiters.”

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Built from organic necessity

Boon is built by recruiters for recruiters. The technology is the result of a team of scrappy recruiters attempting to solve inefficiencies in their day-to-day work. Hacked together with custom tools and zapier integrations, an early Boon prototype was put to the test in the trenches of real recruiting efforts for major companies. Ultimately the true power of employee referral automation was realized and Boon became a reality.

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