Referral hiring shouldn’t be so

Why you’ll love Boon

Referral hiring
shouldn’t be so

Why you’ll
love Boon

Simple & Accessible

Boon’s intuitive platform lets you start managing and receiving more referrals in less than 5 minutes.

Effortless setup

Virtually no onboarding or training is required.

Enhances existing tools

Turn all of your job posts and hiring material into referral opportunities. Boon’s simple referral widget allows your employees to send referrals from anywhere.

Updated automatically

Jobs can automatically be pulled and updated from your existing career page
- no integration needed!

Available on mobile and web

Whether your team is on-site or remote, a simple and seamless referral process is always available at an instant.

Easy and engaging

Be a hero and provide your team an intuitive and engaging way to send quality referrals.

Engaging Rewards
& Payment Tracking Simplified

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Keep tabs on the status of each referral with automatic updates and an intuitive dashboard.

Optimize your rewards with compelling incentives, customizable templates and real-time payment tracking.

Effortless Communication
& Transparency

Boon creates a more transparent hiring process without additional legwork.

Automated and customizable communications ensures your employees and potential candidates remain informed and engaged.

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Data, Insights & Security

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No difficult to understand dashboards here. Boon provides a smart dashboard that allows you to visualize, track and analyze the growth of your referral program to prove return on investment.

And Boon is ISO, SOC and GDPR compliant so you can rest assured that all of your connections and data are secure.

Increase in referral hires
More referrals per job
Reduction in time to hire
Cost savings per hire

Diversity & Inclusion

A more diverse and inclusive workforce means a stronger and more efficient team.

Boon delivers just that, scouring and sourcing the best talent based on merit, experience and qualifications, not just whoever is top of mind.

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Integration & Customization

On its own or as a complement to your existing Applicant Tracking System and/or hiring tools, Boon offers a tailored platform to fit your needs.

The Right Solution for You

Boon is designed to be incredibly efficient and effective no matter your level of involvement or the stage of your business.

  • Startup

For companies launching an exciting
new endeavor and need to build a solid
foundation for sourcing talent.

  • Growth

For companies looking to accelerate their
hiring process and supercharge their team with
the highest quality talent.

  • Enterprise

For companies in need of a robust referral
solution as they take over the world.

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Why Boon?

This platform is awesome! I've been waiting for a tool that actually enables us to source candidates easily using referrals. This is the future!

Brian B

Takes all the headeach out of referral hiring. This is brilliant.

Shannon G.

Delivers incredibly consistent results. I’m sold.

Katie H.
Conoco Philips

I did not realize referral hiring could be this easy.

Andrew W.
Retention Science

I’m so glad to be done with using excel to manage referral bonus payouts!

Quintin S.

So beautiful and intuitive to use!

Hailey J