The Right Solution for You

Boon is designed to be incredibly efficient and effective no matter your level of involvement or the stage of your business.

  • Startup

For companies launching an exciting
new endeavor and need to build a solid
foundation for sourcing talent.

  • Growth

For companies looking to accelerate their
hiring process and supercharge their team with
the highest quality talent.

  • Enterprise

For companies in need of a robust referral
solution as they take over the world.

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This platform is awesome! I've been waiting for a tool that actually enables us to source candidates easily using referrals. This is the future!

Brian B

Takes all the headeach out of referral hiring. This is brilliant.

Shannon G.

Delivers incredibly consistent results. I’m sold.

Katie H.
Conoco Philips

I did not realize referral hiring could be this easy.

Andrew W.
Retention Science

I’m so glad to be done with using excel to manage referral bonus payouts!

Quintin S.

So beautiful and intuitive to use!

Hailey J