How Public Transportation Can Improve Your Workday

How Public Transportation Can Improve Your Workday

When deciding whether or not to use public transportation as a means of commute to and from work, the two criteria that most often are used to measure the value of this option are time and money. However, I have learned from my experience of riding public transportation there are some ways that it can improve your workday aside from simply saving time and money.

1. You don’t need to think.

Riding public transportation does not require nearly as much mental engagement that driving a car does. You do not have to worry about switching lanes, yielding right-of-away to fellow drivers or abiding to the other rules of proper driving etiquette. Instead, you can use this time to prepare for a presentation, read a book, put in some headphones in or even close your eyes for a bit. Just don’t forget to get off at your proper destination!

2. You can deal with your mobile distractions so they don’t interfere with your workday.

With social media and text messaging being considered vital features of mobile devices, it is not rare to have a list of people that need to be reached out to at some point during the day. Unlike when you are driving a car, it is acceptable to use your mobile device for these purposes when riding public transportation. Take care of these demands on the bus so you they do not end up distracting you when there is important work that needs to get done.

3. You become more active.

People who ride public transit average over 10 more minutes of walking each to and from work than those who do not. While this number may not seem too significant, there is no doubt that walking more and getting a little more vitamin D each day is good for one’s health over a long period of time. Not to mention that it is a great way to wake up and relieve stress before the workday begins.

4. The community.

Although you probably won’t know most of the people you will be commuting with, public transportation fosters a sense of community that can be reassuring before what might be a stressful day. They, like you, are working people too.

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